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The Legal Metrology wing of the state of Odisha is functioning at the Directorate of Legal Metrology under the Food, supplies & Consumer Welfare Department of Government Headed by a senior most administrative officer designated as Controller of Legal Metrology. All the consumers generally purchase the goods either in Weight or in volume or in length or in numbers etc and the responsibility has been cast upon this organization to ensure that the consumer gets the correct quantity whether it is in Weight, in volume, in length...

Our Vision

To ensure use of standard and stamped Weights and Measures for the maintenance of their accuracies and to detect violations of provisions of law by the recalcitrant traders.


Checking, inspections and prosecutions of the commercial establishments found violating the provisions of Weights & Measures Laws in r/o short delivery of the commodities.


Stamping and Verification of Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments used by the commercial establishments.

Consumer Awareness

Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments used in all transactions shall be verified and stamped once in 12 months by the Department to ensure accuracy.

Consumer protection

  • In Bakeries and sweet shops, ensure that the tare weight of the empty packaging box in deducted while arriving at the net weight of the commodity.

  • Use only metric units viz., K.G., Litre, Metre etc. in all transactions. No non-metric units (like dozen or scale) shall not be used.

  • In case of suspicion as to the exact net contents of the commodity in packaged form, insist that the commodity is checked.

  • Ensure that the imported packages also carry the declarations as applicable to retail and wholesale packages.

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